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Bread Plateau’s with Piet’s local bakery bread

Plateau 1: Bread, salted butter, truffle mayonnaise, aioli, olives & tomatoes, smoked almonds € 5,50
Plateau 2: Bread, salted butter, truffle mayonnaise, aioli, olives & tomatoes, smoked almonds, manchego, Dutch old cheese, cervelat, coppa di parma, chorizo € 13
Plateau 3: Bread, salted butter, truffle mayonnaise, aioli, olives &tomatoes, smoked almonds, manchego, Dutch old cheese, cervelat, coppa di parma, chorizo, mushrooms in garlic oil, smoked salmon with pesto mayonnaise € 18

Starters and sharing platters

Smoked salmon

Prawns, pesto mayonnaise, tomato salsa, grilled tomato

€ 11

Buffalo mozzarella

Grilled tomato, basil pesto, balsamic vinegar, pine nut

€ 9

Carpaccio of “Black Angus”

Truffle mayonnaise, arugula, parmesan, pine nut

€ 10

Red tuna tataki

Wasabi mayonnaise, crispy papadum, wakame, soy sauce, pickled cucumber

€ 13,50

Thinly sliced veal

Tuna mayonnaise, cappers, cornichons

€ 10

Prawns in garlic & herbs oil

Arugula, bread

€ 10

Beet carpaccio*

Truffle vinaigrette, soft goat cheese, fried onion ring

€ 9

Tomato soup


€ 5,50

Lobster bisque

Prawns, cream, chives

€ 8,50


Sea bream & prawns

Aioli, chimichurri, grilled tomato

€ 21

Tuna steak

Teriyaki, spring onion, crispy wasabi

€ 23

Salmon filet

Dill, fried cappers, chimichurri, lemon

€ 21


Rib eye (250gr)

€ 26

Rib eye XL (350gr)

€ 32

Flank steak (200gr)

€ 24

Flank steak XL (350gr)

€ 31

Tenderloin (200gr)

€ 26

Tenderloin XL (350gr)

€ 34

Burgers & Ribs

Beef Burger

BBQ sauce, cheddar, bacon, tomato, pickle

€ 15

Veggie burger*

Sweet onion, cheddar, smoked bell pepper mayonnaise, tomato, pickle

€ 15

Chicken Filet Burger

Parmesan, tomato salsa, pesto mayonnaise, arugula

€ 15


Sweet chili, BBQ-sauce, corn salsa

€ 18,50


Surf & Turf (beef & prawn)

Chimichurri, aioli

€ 22

Chicken Thighs

Red curry mayonnaise, zucchini, onion, bell pepper

€ 18

Pork Tenderloin

Ialian marinade, mushroom sauce, onion, bell pepper

€ 18

Veggie ‘meat’ balls*

Bell pepper, zucchini, onion, cocktail sauce

€ 18


Sautéed mushrooms

Bacon, onion

€ 3

Grilled cauliflower

€ 3

Haricots Vert

with garlic-herb butter

€ 3


Pepper, mushroom, truffle jus, aioli, BBQ sauce, butter with herbs

Sweets & cheese

“Piet’s” Apple Pie

whipped cream, caramel, vanilla ice-cream

€ 6


crispy white chocolate, pineapple, passion fruit

€ 6

Cheese Plateau With 4 Cheeses

Dutch apple syrup and ‘’Kletsenbrood’’

€ 9,50

Chocolate Mousse

red fruit coulis, white chocolate, whipped cream

€ 6

A Scoop of Ice

price per scoop and choice of flavors: strawberry, chocolate, pistachio, lemon, vanilla, stracciatella

€ 1,50



Classic vanilla crème brûlée

€ 2,50

White chocolate blondie

€ 2,50

Warm waffle, Nutella, whipped cream

€ 2,50

*is vegetarian, or can be made as such
All our main courses are served with fries with mayonnaise and salad.
Our dishes can contain allergens.
If you wish to share starters or desserts? Let us know we will provide extra plates and cutlery .

Choice of the chef

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with subtle marbles